Arunachal: IGTAMSU FDP- Day 3, ‘Mentoring pedagogy and teaching for higher education’

ZIRO- As like previous days, today the session was started with Dr. Abishek Maheshwari –Asso.  Prof ( Professional studies) from  Christ University, Bangalore. He has shown new pathway of hybrid teaching, as he explained about synchronous and asynchronous methods of Hybrid teaching.

He had discussed about online assessments and strategies to improve the quality of online classes. He has discussed about the strategies to improve curiosity of online learning among students. Prof. Dr.H.S. Singh from Dr. R. M.L. Awadh University, Ayodhya has enlightened “Paradigm shift in management: Philosophy, Opportunity and Challenges”.

In his lecture he has discuss the contribution of various management philosophers like F.W. Taylor, Henry Fayol and Max Weber  and so on. He also discussed about tactic of conflict resolution in the holistic approach of management. He brief about Gandhian theory like trust-ship model. Lastly he had given a live examples of current paradigm shift in management such as sab ka sath sab ka vikas , chai per charcha and mann ki bath started by present government.

in the second technical session, Prof. Dr. Prashant Sharma ( Management) from Deewan institute of management studies, Merrut delivered his key speech on “ Teaching pedagogy in higher education and ites changing” .

He focused on learning and learner centered and autonomy of study. At last Prof.Dr.Laxmi Gaur (Education)  form BIT, Merrut on “ Development of Hindi education skills in current scenario ( Vartamaan paripechheya mei Hindi chichhan kausal ka vikash”- in Hindi) she has focused reading, writing, speaking, listening, practicing of Hindi and regular practice of languages.

With high enthusiasm and dedication has been seen among the participants in brainstorming after every key speech by the eminent professor in  FDP.  The entire season has been chaired by Mr. Santosh Kr. Yadav, HOD ( Commerce and Management).



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