Arunachal:  I have faith in people of Tali constituency-Jikke Tako




BJP leader from Tali assembly constituency Jikke Tako said that “I have full faith in people of Tali assembly constituency as the people of the area have high expectation in his leadership for development and progress and prosperity of 20-Tali Assembly constituency of Kra Daadi district”.

While addressing the media on the occasion of mass meeting organised by team Tali group at Nikum Niya ground Jikke Tako said that since my student days I have been serving the people of Tali assembly constituency with outmost sincerity and dedication, after the change of guard in centre under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and in state under the leadership of Young Chief Minister Pema Khandu with a vision of ‘shabka saath shabka bikas’  we have decided to go with ruling BJP government for peace, progress and prosperity of Tali assembly  constituency.

Youth leader Markio Raju from Ruhi poling station from Tali Circel whiel said that our Tali constituency is backward in all respect and we have chose several leaders for faster development of the area but still it is backward in respect of communication, transportation and education, health and others sector. We are not against any party but for a vision for shabka saath shabka bikas we supported the young leader Jikke Tako who can lead the public in right direction.

Several prominent leader of Tali spoke at the meeting which include APBRDA Chairman Yora Tagung, Mui Tamo, Tamuk Tabin, Ruhi Takia, Rumik Taha, Tagru Taha, Gichik Gai,

Former IMC Councillor Tagru Tadik, Tagru Takap and BJP Leader TK Tagru among large numbers of local leaders of Tali and Pipsorang circle are were present on the occasion.

More than 80 local and prominent person of Ruhi polling station of Tali Circle change their allegiance to the leadership of Jikke Tako who would be contesting the 2019 assembly election from the 20 Tali constituency. It is to mention that Ruhi polling station of Tali Circle in Kra Daadi district having highest voters of around 1558 in state.


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