Arunachal: Dorjee Wangdi Kharma tours villages of his constituency

The visit was aimed at discussing various projects and initiatives to improve the lives of the villagers.

KALAKTANG-   In a bid to connect with remote villagers and gauge their needs, Dorjee Wangdi Kharma-  MLA  Kalaktang has embarked on a tour of several villages of his constituency. The visit was aimed at discussing various projects and initiatives to improve the lives of the villagers.

During his tour to its constituency, MLA, accompanied by a team of PRI leaders and local representatives, traveled to the remote Sanglem village on Monday last. The visit included meetings with the local village heads and community members, where the MLA listened to their concerns and discussed various projects and schemes that could benefit the community.


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During the meetings, the MLA discussed initiatives related to rural infrastructure, healthcare, education, and employment opportunities. He also discussed plans to improve the connectivity of the villages with the rest of the state, including the construction of new roads and bridges.

While responding to the representative submitted by the Kalaktang Village Council (TSOPA) & neighbouring villages,  MLA emphasized the need for the renovation and preservation of Taklung Dzong a historical place located at Sanglem village for centuries.

“To meet the needs and beliefs of the people, such a historical place need to be notified and protected immediately, the renovation and development works of the monument will start soon, stated  Kharma while assuring to confer all possible help.

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The visit was well received by the villagers who appreciated the efforts of the MLA and the officials in understanding their problems and working towards their betterment. Many of them expressed hope that the visit would lead to the fulfillment of their long-standing demands for better facilities and infrastructure in their villages.

The MLA promised to take all the feedback and suggestions from the meetings into account and work towards providing the necessary support to improve the lives of the villagers.


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