Arunachal: demolition awareness drive by Clean and Green Sagale


The Clean and Green Sagalee (CGS) organisation conducted a ‘demolition awareness drive’ with the support of the administration, public  and the PHE and UD departments  on Saturday.


Earlier the “Clean and Green Sagalee”  have served  a notice to the resident of sagalee  town to demolish their  toilet and pig stay constructed along the bang of pare river and pang river from ALC line to pang village. if they fail to demolish Toilet and Pig stay within ten days which was ended today on 16th April.

It was expected that “the defaulter demolished the toilet and pig stay within the given period, but only few have  demolished the Toilet and pig stay constructed at the river bank.

The public were informed once again for the final notice by the Sagalee ADC for self demolition of toilets and pigstays constructed along  the banks of the Pang and Pare rivers.

Meanwhile the ADC office will issue a notice for final eviction soon, and the 15 may 2018, will be the last date for self demolition of toilet and pigstay, after that the administration will go for eviction .


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