Arunachal: Bhalukpong Hope Health Centre conducted health camps in remote villages

Hope Health centre, Bhalukpong conducted charitable diagnostic medical and surgical camps at Lada & other remote villages.



The  Bhalukpong ‘ Hope Health Centre’, recently undertook a “reach out charitable diagnostic medical and surgical health camp tour” from 19th to 27th October 2018 with an objective to take health care to the doorsteps of the patients in very remote villages of West Kameng district.

Altogether  25 members team led by Dr Jumsang Sidisow accompanied by Dr Jowahar Zongluzua senior medical officer and Pulmunologist of the district hospital seppa, Dr Jgnanaraj, MS MCH Urologist and the staff of hope health centre Bhalukpong with other support individuals braved to reach out to Lada and villages surrounding it in East Kameng and West Kameng  districts by trekking into mountainous forest through potters tracks for more than 10 hours in a single day carrying medicines and diagnostic equipments.

starting  from Bhalukpong on 19th of October the team conducted charitable health camps at 6 (six) villages namely Lada, Rapung,  Sekhong, Richukrong of East Kameng district and Kayang valley and Subu of West Kameng district. the team concluded the tour on 27th October 2018.

Arunachal: Bhalukpong Hope Health Centre conducted health camps in remote villages

in overall as many as 1300 patients of these remote villages were able to avail diagnostic medical and surgical facilities. the team attended to many emergency cases like babies suffering from severe pneumonia,  pregnant ladies in Labour  and ailing aged villagers suffering COPD and others. some minor surgical procedures were also done.

it is worth mentioning here that hope health centre Bhalukpong has been conducting charitable camps in the area time to time as part of its out- reach program. some of the villages are namely- Nafra, Singchung, Singlimari, Sotai and others.

Dr Sidisow said that this noble venture in service of the needy people has yet to be taken notice by the authorities and other NGO’s. he underlined the need of adequate funding to continue such Programmes for people in future, he expressed optimism that his endeavour would not be in vain and it would soon come to light.


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