Arunachal: Awareness program on ‘Cyber crime’ held at Basar

BASAR-  Sakhi, One Stop Centre, Leparada successfully conducted an awareness program on ‘Cyber crime’ to celebrate “Cyber Jagrukta Diwas” at G.B school, Basar. The total 90 students from class- VI to VIII were present along with school faculties.

Mr. E. Badak, Principal G.B School, Basar while welcoming OSC team expressed satisfaction on behalf of G.B school, Basar for organizing awareness program on ‘Cyber Crime’.

Miss Gopi Dirchi, Centre Administrator, OSC, Leparada spoke on the roles and services of the One Stop Centre in detail and informed that different types of cases are received by the OSC and till date it has registered 17 cases.

Ito Riram (Adv), Paralegal lawyer, OSC, Leparada while briefing on Cyber Crime informed about the Adolescence cyber safety and security for children. He also elaborated on laws to ensure online safety of children such as IT Act, 2000, POCSO, 2012 and IPC, 1860. When Cyber treat arises where to report and also provided the National Cyber Crime Helpline no. 1930 followed with Cyber hygiene.

Miss Geyir Basar (Adv), Case worker, OSC, Leparada while briefing on ‘Good Touch and Bad Touch’ informed about the 3 safety keywords viz. No, Go and Tell. No to stop the bad touch, Go to escape from the bad touch and tell to inform the parents or any trusted person.

She also has given a home assignment to choose 5 most trusted person of their lives to indulge the students in to the topic. Also to prepare them in advance as safety measures when such situation occurs.

Moli Nyodu, CDPO, Basar also shared his valuable experience of his life to the young children and motivated achieve their goals in life. He also advised to spare less time on social Medias and avoid the misuse of mobile phones.

Lastly, Mr Dhar, the Director of G.B School, Basar in his vote of thanks expressed gratitude to CDPO, Basar and team of OSC, Leparada for conducting the most required awareness on cyber crime.

He told on many occasions when school faculty’s aware children on cyber crime and advice to less use mobile phones, students are on denial and does not pay attention.

Today when expertise of law and related subjects has provided the technical information on the subjects hope children would take the knowledge as a boon.


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