Arunachal: After TAH now Sangti Community Land compensation Scam



After the  much controversial TAH land compensation scam, now another land compensation scam exposed in Sangti Village in West Kameng district of Arunachal Pradesh.

Here, 75 Acres of Community land at Sangti Village has been acquired  for Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP)  without the knowledge  of the villagers. Not only that,  crores of rupees, as sanctioned by Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India, has been withdrawn by only five people of the same village.

When the villagers  come to know about  this big scam, Sixty signatories of the Sangti village prays before the Itanagar permanent bench of Gauhati High Court for an FIR/Complaint on criminal misappropriation and non disbursement of compensation money  against acquisition of 75 Acres of Community land at Sangti Village by ITBP by Dorjee Letro, Yeshi Tsewang, Nima Dorjee, Tashi and Dowla Sermupa, sons of Late Rinchin Dorjee in connivance with District Administration of West Kameng District by means of falsified bills, framing in correct documents, criminal misappropriation, cheating of public fund, criminal breach of trust and  etc and for initiation of necessary action.

T T Tara, Advocate

The Itanagar permanent bench of Gauhati High court  issued a order on 4th July 2018, and  directed  respondent authorities to immediately register or cause to register a criminal case through competent authority ,  on the complaint field by petitioners, on 27th March 2018,  and investigate the same, in accordance with law,  keeping in mind the mandate  of  the Supreme court of India in Lalita Kumari  vs Govt. of Uttar Pradesh  reported in 2014.

Meanwhile, According to the petitioner’s advocates  TT Tara,  the villagers of the sangti village informed him that ” they are getting the threatening from unknown persons after the court order”

Sequences of the Scam presented  before the court by petitioner’s advocates


  1. in the year 2011-12, the Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) had desired to acquire the community land of the Sangti village. the villagers of Sangti agreed to part with 40 (forty) acres of community land to the ITBP and given their consent to the District Administration of the West Kameng District to initiative the process of acquiring the community land subject to the payment of the compensation as per the prevailing market rate as postulated by the Land Acquisition Act.
  1. After lapse of few years, some of the enlightened villagers met the Deputy Commissioner and appraised him about the delay in initiating the acquisition process of the community land. Surprisingly, it was informed by the Deputy Commissioner that land acquisition process have already been done and the entire land acquisition process was initiated by Dorjee Letro, Yeshi Tsewang, Nima Dorjee, Tashi and Dowla Sermupa, in connivance with some officials of the District Land Settlement and Revenue Officers of West Kameng District keeping the villagers of Sangti in darkness.
  1. Some of the villagers filed a complaint dated 01.04.2015 before the Deputy Commissioner, Bomdila, West Kameng District, stating inter-alia that the land to be acquired is the community land of the villagers and it cannot be sold to any one without the unanimous consent of the village people.
  1. That on further inquiry by the villagers of Sangti village relating to the compensation issue also came across a deed of agreement dated 10.04.2015, which was entered between Nima Dorjee, Yeshi Tsewang, Tashi (as first parties) and Dorjee Letro, Dowla Sermupa (as second parties), sons of Late Rinchin Dorjee for selling of the community land of the village to the ITBP. The agreement, as prepared without the consent and knowledge of the villagers contains a condition that   60, 00, 000/- (Rupees sixty lakhs) would be paid to the villagers of Sangti village from the total compensation amount received from Government in lieu of the their community land.
  1. That subsequently, to the utter surprise, later Dorjee Letro,  Yeshi Tsewang,  Nima Dorjee, Tashi and Dowla Sermupa, sold 75 (seventy five) acres of community land of the Sangti villagers to the ITBP by showing the community land as their private land, without the knowledge of villagers. Consistently, the district administration on 15.03.2016 paid a compensation amount of Rs. 1, 50, 00, 000/- (one crore fifty lakhs) to Dorjee Letro, Rs. 1, 90, 00, 000/- (one crore ninety lakhs) to Yeshi Tsewang, Rs. 3, 33, 57, 886/- (Rupees three crore thrity three lakhs fifty seven thousand eight hundred eighty six) to Nima Dorjee and Rs. 48, 00, 000/- (Rupees forty eight lakhs), Rs. 91, 28, 654/- (Rupees ninety one lakhs twenty eight thousand six hundred fifty four) and Rs. 1, 00, 00, 000/- (one crore) to again Yeshi Tsewang. It is a fact that the ITBP has already paid the compensation amount of Rs. 9, 12, 86, 540/- (Rupees nine crore twelve lakhs eighty six thousand five hundred forty). Further it is also known that Shri Nima Dorjee have again received a compensation amount of Rs. 8, 61, 70, 320/- (Rupees eight crore sixty one lakhs seventy thousand three twenty) from the ITBP.

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