Arunachal: A rescued Keel box turtle handed over to PCCF Wildlife released in D. Ering Wildlife Sanctuary

PASIGHAT- Showing up their good gesture toward conservation and protection of wild animals, one Atom Taying with a friend of him from Katan village of Mariyang Sub-Division under Upper Siang District rescued a Keel box Turtle some 15 days ago from Katan area and they handed over the little creature to Nyilyang Tam, Principal Chief Conservator of Forest-cum-Chief Wildlife Warden on Sunday evening here at Pasighat in the presence of Tasang Taga, DFO, D. Ering Wildlife Sanctuary, Range Officers, Domek Koyu and Orin Perme.

Taying and his associate handed over the rescued Keelbox turtle to PCCF Wildlife on Sunday evening at Forest IB here at Pasighat when the officer returned from Miao and other eastern Arunachal wildlife sanctuary/National park survey including Sibia-chapori area of D. Ering Wildlife Sanctuary for finalizing on the Eco-Sensitive Zone declaration as directed by the Supreme Court of India.


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Tam appreciated the noble gesture of Atom Taying and his like people who think and work for conservation and protection of wildlife, else most of the people of the state eat every wild animal they find. Tam urged and motivated Taying to keep up the spirit of saving wildlife as PCCF was told that Taying had earlier rescued a small turtle and handed it over to the DFO Wildlife Tasang Taga for release in the sanctuary.

The rescued turtle was released in Sibiamukh Wildlife range under D. Ering Wildlife Sanctuary today by the Range officer, Domek Koyu.

The keeled box turtle (Cuora mouhotii syn. Pyxidea mouhotii) is a species of turtle in the family Geoemydidae. The species is endemic to Asia. Keel box turtles occur in Burma, China, India, Laos and Vietnam, also in Bhutan and Tahiland. Other common names for Keel box turtles include keel-backed terrapin, jagged-shelled turtle, and Mouhot’s turtle.


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