Sunny Leone to turn a Fitness Guru in her TV Show


Bollywood Sizzling star Sunny Leone is all set to be the fitness guru on a  television show ‘FitStop’. Sunny  has collaborated with music channel MTV Beats to be a part of the upcoming show ‘FitStop’.


In the show, which will be an hour-long, Sunny will be shown motivating the viewers to stay fit and healthy with easy-to-do exercises.

Sunny says she is a “big believer in working out to keep fit — both physically and mentally”.

Sunny Leone to turn a Fitness Guru in her TV Show


Sunny  also adds, “Everyone should make some time in their daily schedule for some quick exercises. I know exercising can be a chore and to make it exciting for people, I’ve teamed up with MTV Beats to launch ‘FitStop’ — where I’ll be showing people how to exercise and also treating them to some fabulous music which will help them work up a sweat,”

Her show is all set to go on air this November and we can surely say people will love the new fitness guru Avatar!

Leone is brand ambassador for Manforce, India’s largest condom manufacturer, and one of its most searched celebrities online. She has often been accused in India of promoting obscenity and eroding cultural values.


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