Pema Khandu Condemns China’s Attempt to Rename Places of Arunachal Pradesh

Khandu labelled it as "another gimmick from China" emphasizing his pride as an Indian citizen and native of Arunachal Pradesh.

ITANAGAR-  In response to China’s recent attempt to rename 30 places in Arunachal Pradesh, Chief Minister Pema Khandu have strongly condemned the action.


Khandu labelled it as “another gimmick from China” emphasizing his pride as an Indian citizen and native of Arunachal Pradesh.

Taking to X, the CM wrote: “Another gimmick from China. Being a proud citizen of Bharat and a native of Arunachal Pradesh, I strongly condemn this act of naming of places within Arunachal Pradesh which has been an inalienable integral part of India. Proud citizens and patriots of Arunachal Pradesh is rejecting such antics.”

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Union External affairs minister S Jaishankar while responding to a question in a press conference on Monday said that “Arunachal Pradesh was, is and will always be a state of India.”

A journalist asked External affairs minister regarding the recent Chinese intervention in the state of Arunachal Pradesh and China renaming several places in the state, responding to the question Jaishankar said, “If today I change the name of your house, will it become mine? Arunachal Pradesh was, is and will always be a state of India.

Changing names does not have an effect. Our army is deployed there (Line of Actual Control )

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China has stirred controversy once again by releasing a fourth list containing 30 new names for various places in Arunachal Pradesh. This is a shameful attempt of the communist nation to falsely claim over the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh.

The Chinese Ministry of Civil Affairs has unveiled the list, reinforcing its stance on Arunachal Pradesh being part of what it terms as south Tibet.

The US has also rejected China’s mischievous efforts related to Arunachal Pradesh. The US Department Principal Deputy Spokesperson Vedant Patel said on March 9 that “the US recognises Arunachal Pradesh as Indian territory, and we strongly oppose any unilateral attempts to advance territorial claims by incursions or encroachments, military or civilian, across the Line of Actual Control.”


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