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Don’t be a victim of car theft……..



By Anil Poddar


Don’t be a victim of car theft, If you have published a classified add to sell your car in a news paper or in online portal, be careful while you deal with the buyer. Your vehicle may be taken away by car lifters because of your simple negligence ! Dibrugarh Police arrested one Shah Reza Khan of Rose Gali, Dibrugarh on the basis of a FIR filed against him by the owner of a Hyundai Creta car. Dib PS case no. 228/2017 u/s 120 (B)/420/406/379/506/34 IPC.

The sequence of the case is as follows:

*The owner of the car no. AS23P-7667, Mr Dipankar Gogoi published his willingness to sell car through OLX.

* As soon as the sellor published the photo in OLX, the car lifter called him and expressed his willingness to buy the car.

* The owner handed over the car to the buyer after getting a cheque and signing an agreement.

* As per the agreement the buyer will clear the bank instalments against the car.

* The owner finds no balance in the bank account of the buyer.

* He tried to contact the buyer but he couldn’t.

* The owner finds that the figure and words in the cheque amount differ.

* When the seller checked the agreement he finds that the signature of the buyer is missing in the notarised agreement.

* It means that buyer manager to get the signature of Notary in Dibrugarh court without his signature.

* The seller went to Dib PS to lodge FIR on 25.2.2017.

* He came to know that the buyer has already filed a FIR in Dib PS stating that the car has been stolen in Dimapur.

* After preliminary  investigation police found the buyer guilty and arrested him  yesterday.

* As per police the accused is involved in various such cases for last many years. Cases under Barbaruah PS, Chabua PS and Dibrugarh PS are pending in court as on date.

* Police investigation is on to nab all the culprits involved with the case.


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