Arunachal: Ziro celebrates Van Mahotsov 2024

Symbiotic relationship between man and forest need to be strengthened: Hage Appa

ZIRO-  The essence of celebration of Van Mahotsov and importance of afforestation should be spread to every nook and corner of Ziro plateau particularly to the youth and elders at the village, said local MLA Hage Appa here today.

While participating at the 75th Van Mahotsov at the picturesque Pechi Putu, the venue of Ziro Festival of Music, the MLA said deforestation and afforestation is a natural phenomenon for the tribals. ‘The system of symbiotic relationship between man and forest needs to be further strengthened at  the valley, and I particularly urge the youth to lay more stress on afforestation as practiced by our forefathers from generations’, the MLA said.


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Further appealing the youth not to get deviated from the aged-old practice of striking a fine balance between man and forest, the MLA said the onset of modernity and commercialization of forest produces should not distort the sacred relationship between man and forest.

Meanwhile, the MLA appealed Miha Pelo, the land owner clan of ZFM ground to erect a bamboo fencing all around the festival ground till a concrete boundary wall comes up.

Lower Subansiri Deputy Commissioner Vivek H.P urged for a collaborative approach between the forest department and the denizens of Ziro plateau to upkeep the sanctity of healthy symbiotic relationship between man and nature at the valley.

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‘Sustainable Development would be more meaningful when ownership lies with the communities. Govt. is just a facilitator and the onus of sustaining the greenery of the valley lies with the people and the communities’, the DC explained, while acknowledging the responsibility of nurturing the plants planted during the Van Mahotsov by the Liagi Tage clan members.

Earlier in his keynote address, Divisional Forest Officer Nani Sha spoke at length on the importance of Van Mahotsov, the festival of the trees.

Highlighting that Arunachal Pradesh was lucky to have 79.33 percentage of forest coverage compared to 21.7 percent national average, the DFO informed that during the day more than 200 varieties of fruit bearing and ornamental trees were planted in and around the ZFM ground.

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‘The Pechi Putu or the ZFM ground is the most centrally located spot at the valley where tourists frequently visit and music lovers from across the globe gather during the ZFM. We decided to carry out the plantation programme here in order to beautify the ground and also spread the message of importance of tree plantation to both the visitors and the locals alike’, the DFO explained.

Range forest Officers Oyang Dusu and Ngilyang Tachang also spoke during the occasion.

Participants included HoD’s, members from Apatani Women Association Ziro, Tani Supung Dukung, Miha Pelo, Ngunu Ziro, Ziro Birding Club, Liagi Tage Clan, Apatani Youth Association, Apatani Students Union and students of Nyime Ashram.


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