Arunachal : WSU alleges mismanagement of Public Fund by Kanubari EE



The Wancho Students’ Union (WSU) Alleged “huge mismanagement of public fund by PWD Kanubari-Division Executive Engineer of Er. Mitung Mize  in the year from 2015 to 2017” and demanded SIT or SIC enquiry on the matter.

To pressurise the state government we also taken out a Peace rally at Kanubari on February 14 but there is no response in this regard.

WSU president Pongngoi Joham in a press conference alleged that “the public money which were allocated for the repair and maintenance works against the schemes sanctioned under the PWD Kanubari-Division through the various Heads of Account like SADA, DoTCL, DDM, NLCPR, RIDF, SYA, LM, SDEG, DFCS etc. has not been utilised properly as per estimated framed which seems to misused of fund under Er. Mitung Mize.

The  Repair and Maintenance works of Longding-Kanubari Road has been sanctioned through the various heads of account for restoration of Flood damaged in every financial year but it is understood that the estimate were framed against the same road in a repeated manner or were overlapped which through the mediums of RTI they obtained as allege, we found that schemes in crores had been overlapping and also fund of crores had been withdrawn without works in the 2016-17 financial year, he alleged.

 WSU finance secretary wango Wangjen also alleged that the misuse of fund has been also happen in 2015 -16 of misused worth Rupees 3.96 lakh and overlapping of 1.37 Lakh with total a total fund of more than 5 Crore in various scheme under the PWD Kanubari-Division under the working Executive Engineer of Er.Mitung Mize.

Further the Union also alleged that District Based Entrepreneurs and Professionals (Incentives, Development and Promotional) Rules, 2015, has been violated and the works award to whom were outsiders of the home district which is totally violations the above mentioned rules; neither the Contractors or Firm proprietorship were disclosed to the local entrepreneurs nor the works sanctioned were known to the local people.

Union also stated that  if government failed to conduct inquiry,  then  they will go for democratic movement.


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