Arunachal: voters of Rakso staged protest demanding re-polling

If our voting rights are deprived of despite having legit voters ID, there is no value of electoral card, said a voter.



A group of voters from Rakso Polling Station under 18- Palin Assembly Constituency of Kra Daadi district today staged a protest before Nirvachan Bhawan demanding Re-polling in 38 Rakso polling station at a neutral venue under strict vigilance and tight security.

Claiming that they are genuine voters of the Rakso who were deprived of the adult franchise rights on the date of polling and re-polling held on April 11 and April 27 respectively by the supporters of a political party and they have not been able to caste their valuable vote and could not participate in the biggest festival of democracy of the country.

The group claimed that, they had submitted a memorandum to the Chief Electoral Officer on 3rd May last. Along with the demands and signature of the deprived voters of Rakso polling station, they had intimidated that they will take up democratic protest if the CEO fails to address their demands within seven days.

Upon the expiry of their ultimatum, the group staged a protest  today outside Nirvachan Bhawan demanding for re-pol.

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Chairman of Deprived Voters of Rakso Polling Station, Biri Niania claimed that the genuine voters were obstructed and deprived of their voting rights guaranteed by the Constitution of India.

Niania claimed that several obstruction were made and the voters could not even reach the polling station on both polling and Re-polling date even there was presence of huge police force and they were mute expatators.

He further lashed out to the Retuning Officer, Sector Magistrate, Polling Officers and police force they were on duty for being mere spectators while some many voters were beaten and intimidated on re-polling day.

“If our voting rights are deprived of despite having legit voters ID, there is no value of electoral card,” , Niania raised this question.

He further added, “If our demands are not fulfilled we will continue to fight for our rights. The dharna is our first phase of democratic movement and we will intensify  our protest if our voices are left unheard.”,

“All the reports after the scrutiny has been forwarded to Election Commission of India by the RO and DEO,” said the Addl. CEO adding that any decision for polling and other are taken by the ECI only.


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