Arunachal: Training on large cardamom cultivation held in Anjaw

ANJAW-   A one day training programme was organized on 6th October, 2021 at KVK office, Khupa Village  in Hayuliang Tehsil of Anjaw district on the topic “Economic perspective of large cardamom cultivation and revival strategies”. A total of 48 farmers, farm women and rural youths were participated in the training programme.

Mr. S. Peter Singh, SMS, Social Sciences and course coordinator of the training programme delivered a lecture on the said topic. During his speech, he awared the large cardamom growers that as most of the areas and production under large cardamom cultivation registered a steep declined during the last 4-5 years in the district due to vast infestation of viral and bacterial diseases, majority of the farmers are reluctant to go further for the cultivation of this valuable spice and hence shifted to some other seasonal crops as a source of income and livelihood. Also due to low quality produces, growers could not fetch remunerative prices.

Hence, with a sturdy view to cope up these certain issues various strategies such as proper scientific package of practices, selection of disease free planting materials from reputed source, intercultural operations, economic viability and feasibility were provided among the participants so as to bring back to a stage that happens during the last decade where growers fetched a minimum price of Rs. 800-900 per kg.

As a follow up of the training programme, Mr. Naveen Khoisnam Subject Matter Specialist, Agronomy also delivered a lecture on the topic “Good Agricultural Practices” such as pest and disease management, irrigation and cultural practices etc. He also opined that besides vast scope for expansion in the area and production of horticultural crops, the same is important for cereals and pulses crops in the district like rice, maize, millets, buck wheat, rice beans kidney beans etc. Therefore, he advised the farmers and farm women to expand the area so as to enhance the production to fulfil the population requirement.


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