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Arunachal: Tamut and Tapang recovered body from river near Balemu

Taka and Darung who were on a site visit to the area after attending Dwijing Festival in Bongaigaon....



Displaying yet another act of exemplary heroism, Arunachal’s Everester and adventure junkie Taka Tamut and his partner Tapang Darung on Wednesday helped the Assam NDRF team in locating the body of a youth drowned in a river near Balemu.

The incident occurred in Boirapkund near Balemu in Assam where the youth who was having a picnic reportedly drowned in the river. Immediately, police were called and a massive search operation was launched with the help of NDRF and SDRF.

Taka and Darung who were on a site visit to the area after attending Dwijing Festival in Bongaigaon, who played roles of paramotor pilots in the event  jumped into action without giving a second thought when being told by onlookers that continuous rescue efforts for a whole day jointly by SDRF and NDRF had been fruitless.

“On humanitarian ground, I and my partner voluntarily took the dangerous task after the NDRF and SDRF failed to recover the body after a day-long search operation,” Tamut said in a telephonic conversation with Arunachal24.

“The river may be small in width but was really deep and after several divings, I saw a leg stuck under water between rocks. With Darung’s help, finally caught hold of it and after a great struggle we together pulled the body out of the river,” Tamut added.

When asked why he and his partner undertook the risk when onlookers chose to stand and watch, the Everester said that being a mountaineer he felt the urge to help as nothing is greater than helping people in hour of need.

“Never be a spectator as your prompt intervention, especially during drowning cases, could save someone’s precious life. As human beings, we should help everyone in need, no matter who you are helping and we all really need to stand up at such situations and make a difference,” Tamut said.

The concerned police station could not be contacted for comment.


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