Arunachal: RCML Celebrates International Mother Language Day

The event was organized by the RIWATCH Centre for Mother Languages (RCML) in collaboration with KGIHE.

ROING- International Mother Language Day was celebrated  here today at the Kasturba Gandhi Institute of Higher Education (KGIHE), Kebali, Lower Dibang Valley. The event was organized by the RIWATCH Centre for Mother Languages (RCML) in collaboration with KGIHE.


The International Mother Languages Day is celebrated globally on 21st February every year to promote and protect the linguistic and cultural diversities in the world.

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Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Kailash Chandra Pradhan, Principal, KGIHE stated that the language played the most crucial role in the intergenerational transmission of cultural heritage.

While learning other languages like Hindi and English, we must also realize the importance of mother tongue and we must speak in our mother wherever possible. He urged the students who are aspiring teachers to be the catalysts in promoting and revitalizing their mother languages.

Vijay Swami, Executive Director, Research Institute of World’s Ancient Traditions Cultures and Heritage (RIWATCH) said that the language and culture are like two inseparable faces of a coin.

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He asserted that the rich cultural heritage of Arunachal Pradesh could be revived only by reviving the mother languages. He also presented copies of the pictorial glossary books published by the RCML to the Principal of KGIHE.

Earlier, Dr. Mechek Sampar Awan, Coordinator, RCML expressed his concerns about the gradual language shift taking place in Arunachal Pradesh. He asserted that speaking one’s mother language is one of the most effective ways to save the language. He also spoke on how and why we should promote and revitalise our mother languages.

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An award-winning documentary film titled “The Songs We Sing, The Drums We Beat” was also screened during the programme. While interacting with the gathering, Director of the film and RCML’s Research Officer, Dr. Kombong Darang said that the film aims not only to promote and preserve the culture and language of Kaasik (Nocte) community but also to propagate awareness about the importance of promoting and revitalizing all the endangered and lesser known languages and cultures of the state.

While highlighting the importance of documenting the language and culture of indigenous communities, he stated that in order to preserve our cultural heritage, it is important that we speak in the language of our forefathers. The film is produced by Centre for Endangered Languages (CFEL), Rajiv Gandhi University (RGU).


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