Arunachal:  protect forest, wild animal and the source of water- Nabam Rebia




The Minister of Environment and forest, social justice and land management, Nabam Rebia advice people to protect forest, wild animal and the source of water, while attending a lunch party here today at Mama Nursery Upper Hollongi Village, organized by the Upper Hollongi Village Welfare Committee(UHVWC).

Minister Appreciated  the steps taken by UHVWC to protect forest, wild life, by banning hunting , fishing and illegal cutting forest at this area.

He  said that nature has blasé everything to the people of hollongi  so people of hollongi should respect the nature and protect the natural resource.

Pouring chemical components in to the river or nallah is one kind of criminal activity, Minister Advice the concern administration and area people to take strict action against them and book them.

Responding the two points memorandums submitted by the UHVWC, that the supply of fresh drinking water at Upper Hollongi Vilage and School building, teacher quarter and toilet for the Upper hollongi government primary school. Minister Rebia assured to look in to the matter and said he never hesitated to do those works which is meant for welfares of common public.

On the occasion, Rebia also awarded a Gao bura red dress coat to one Chera Kaha , who have been selected by the villager as Gao bura of upper Hollongi village.

Rebia advice the Kaha to respect the Gao bura coat and work for the welfares of the people. And he also directed the Balijan ADC in-charge Nabam Tajik to provide Gao bura certificate after formalities.

Rebia also advice the Balijan ADC to issue land possession certificate(LPC) to the villager.

 UHVWC chairmen Tai Mama appeal the minister and Balijan ADC to help the committee to protect and check illegal hunting, cutting timber and fishing etc at the area.

Further Rebia, visited the upper Hollongi Government Primary school, which dilapidated Condition, there is no proper class room and no school infrastructure.

Later he was also visited the hollongi –chimpu boundary, which is also a boundary of 14 Doimukh Constituency and 13 Itanagar Constituency.

On the occasion Balijan ADC in-charge Nabam Tajik, head Gao bura Nabam Niki, Nabam Tarin , Gao bura Kara Niki , government officers  and villagers were present.


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