Arunachal : Picnic Spot Owners meet to discuss Security Measures




A meeting was held at SP Office Yupia on Monday  with picnic spot owners of Pare River lying near Doimukh to discuss measures to prevent frequent cases of drowning reported from these picnic spots. The following members were present in the meeting

While welcoming all the members in the meeting, SP Yupia T. Amo highlighted some of the drowning cases reported during last couple of years totalling about 15 cases despite various warms signs. Most of those drown had come from Capital complex for swimming/ bath or for merry making. Many lives were also saved by swift actions of District Police/NDRF and also sometimes by local peoples. However SP suggested the picnic spot owners also to take some preventive measures as under:-

 Picnic spot owners should strict entry of un-authorized persons to their picnic spots. They should maintain a proper register of visitors.

They should properly brief those coming for picnic and merry making about the danger of drowning especially in the afternoon/evening hours when water is released by RanganadiHydro Electric Plant(RHEP) and there is sudden rise of water level by almost 1-2 meters.

They should also detail some private security personnel expert in swimming so that these security personnel may be able to save drowning people as it takes significant times for Police/NDRF to come for rescue.

They should also keep locally available materials like bamboo rafts, inflated tubes/tyres, ropes, torch/search lights for rescuing propose as first respondents.

They should keep emergency numbers of Police especially the District Control Room (03602284940), SP Ypa (9436896472), DySPYpa (9402278796), OC PS Doimukh (8118940797) and I/C Khola Camp(883769904) and also share these numbers with those coming to their picnic spots.

They must maintain strict timing so that there is no late evening/ night parties.

Arunachal : Picnic Spot Owners meet to discuss Security Measures

SP also requested the DDMO Yupia kindly to provide life-saving equipments like life jackets, Rafting/Motor boats, ropes, search lights etc to the district police for use during the coming monsoon and also to erect sufficient number of warning/ cautionary sign boards both along the highway and at the entries of the picnic spots.

The picnic owners also requested to provide atleast 2(Two) life jacket each for picnic spot owners. They also requested to SP to provide regular patrolling to the picnic spot areas from time to time. The picnic spot owners also requested to caution general public about the Pare River and its danger of drowning people so that those who are coming for marry making and picnicking do not risk their life.

DDMO Yupia responded that she has recently received some fund and she will examine whether this fund can utilized for procuring the above items. SP has already sent a letter to GM RHEP to install  sirens/early warning system along the downstream side of Pare river to alert public/ people about the release of water from the reservoir and the incoming  sudden  rise of water level in Pare river as already done in case of Ranganadi (Panyor River). The meeting decided that following guidelines may be issued to the general public for their safety:-

Avoid venturing into Pare River for bathing/swimming especially in the afternoon / evening hours when water is released from RHEP.

Don’t allow children play on the river bank unattended. Don’t venture or allow others into the Pare River under the influence of alcohol / drugs, etc. Don’t play volleyballs/ other games in the river.Avoid going to these picnic spots during floods or for casted / expected heavy rains.


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