Arunachal: Ninong Ering urges PM Modi to ban Chinese CCTVs

The MLA has written in the letter that China's CCTV cameras are working as eyes and ears for Beijing.

ITANAGAR-   Citing the growing threat to the country’s national security, Arunachal Pradesh MLA Ninong Ering on Monday wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi urging a ban on Chinese Closed Circuit Television (CCTV).

Ninong Ering, MLA from Pasighat ( West )  has also insisted on running a campaign to create awareness against the use of CCTV in homes. Legislator Ering has said that Chinese CCTVs are the eyes and ears of Beijing and are dangerous for the country’s security.


The MLA took to Twitter, writing, “Wrote a letter to Hon’ble PM Sh Narendra Modi Ji to ban installation of Chinese CCTV systems in Indian Govt offices. These installed CCTVs in use across India can be used as “eyes and ears of Beijing #CCPChina“.

The MLA has written in the letter that China’s CCTV cameras are working as eyes and ears for Beijing. The MLA has described Chinese CCTV cameras as dangerous for India’s national security. The MLA also wrote that at present, when China is continuously showing aggression on LAC, it is also attacking our IT infrastructure. In such a situation, India should take steps to deal with this threat from China.

It is written in the letter that at present 20 lakh CCTV cameras are installed in the country. 90 percent of which are made by Chinese state-owned companies. Even more worrying is the fact that more than half of these are installed in government departments in India. The Congress MLA also told that Chinese hackers can hack Internet protocols and DVRs used in CCTV networks.


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