Arunachal: KDO youth wing organizes cleanliness social service at Komlighat

PASIGHAT-  The Kuri Dajum Olung youth wing (apex) organized a cleanliness social service at Komlighat, the river bank of Siang river here at Pasighat on Saturday to clean the scattered plastic and other wastes as a part of keeping the river bank cleaned and tidy.

The clean drive social service of KDO youth wing was led by President, Tamo Taga, General Secretary, Tapak Tabi and Social Service Secretary, Nangki Taga. The clean drive was conducted to clean the river bank of Siang river where tourists visiting Pasighat thronged into including the local visitors to chill out mostly in the evening after scorching summer hot days, informed KDO youths.

The tourist places like Komlighat and Raneghat near Pasighat township attracts most tourists and local visitors due to which these places get dumped with plastic and bottle wastes which causes environmental health hazard. These tourist destinations near Pasighat need more of such clean drive as these places are the face of Pasighat and its cleanliness and untidiness reflects the image of Pasighat and its residents.

KDO Youth President, Tamo Taga informed that, they will conduct more of such clean drive in days to come and has appealed other youths to come forward to conduct regular clean drive without leaving it only to the job of Municipality and government bodies, as Pasighat belongs to all its residents and responsibilities also goes to all of Pasighatians.


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