Arunachal: Felix reviews the work progress of Joram-Koloriang Trans Arunachal Highway

This is not the time to give blame on others , it is the time to unite together and support the contractors. Felix said.

Palin-  Home, RD and IPR Minister Bamang Felix today chaired the high level meeting and review the work progress of Joram-Koloriang Trans Arunachal Highway (TAH) at Panchayat conference Hall here.

Chairing the meeting Felix said that that we have been here to work for the welfare of the people and development of state. We have around 4 dry months in winter and have to properly utilise these four month. Because of the road the entire development progress has been badly affected and the total Kurung Kumey district and few parts of Kra Daadi is like under total lockdown.

This is not the time to give blame on others , it is the time to unite together and support the contractors. Felix said.

We should keep clarity on the action plan on package wise as the work has already been awarded and new contractors has also been appointed.

My only question after this meeting will be with NHIDCL and they has to answer to the government. What ever support is required will be provided and exclusively if a Magistrate required will be given.

As of now this road seems to be only for richman and not for poor as the small and normal vehicle has been facing lots of problem in movement. Felix said.

” I assure that we will give you 100 % support but you fail to comply on your given words as the tender has been awarded to new contractor will dealt seriously”, Felix said.

This is not a new road but we should take up the matter for construction with sufficient tools and plants systematically so that we do not exceed the formation cutting, laying of GSB and carpeting.  Felix  ask the NHIDCL to give progress detal every 15 days.

A meeting is being held in 1st week of Nov with Chief Secretary with both district administration with regards to any left out compensation issue. Felix added

Tali MLA Jikke Tako said that it is felt to understand that the commuters has been facing untold sufferings and the contractor need to work with a timeline and work plan.

Palin MLA and HPD advisor to government of Arunachal Pradesh Balo Raja said that we should work keeping in view that no problems are given to others. He suggested two Nodal officers for stretch in Kra Daadi and Kurung Kuney district who will monitor and take care of any administrative problems if arise and even in case he assured to save any problems is arise.

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NHIDCL Executive Director Col. Sunil Kumar in his address said that through the whole stretch started in 2017 and work started but due to various reason the work progress except Pakage I and II could not be done smoothly and upto the mark.

GM, Col Prabhakar Kumar said the road is so much important in respect of defence purpose as well as development of the area. The new contractors who has been called for has been given specific warning to work with a team spirit and no slippery would be tolerated.

He urge upon the both Kra Daadi and Kurung Kumey administration for issue of a notification for no encroachment of any land in RoW.

He urge upon to constitute a team  of nodal officer who will see the problems in all the stretch of Kra Daadi district and Kurung Kumey district respectively. There are few hindrance of Power department, PHED with regards to LT/HT electric polices, water pipelines.

Sports Authority of Arunachal (SAA) Chairman Byabang Taj, Kurung Kumey Deputy commissioner Kento Riba, Kra Daadi Deputy commissioner Solung Miji, SP Dusu Kaling, HoDs of line department of both districts and officials and representatives of all the package of JK roads were present on the occasion.

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