Arunachal: empty bottles, plastic waste collected from Tawang sent to Assam for recycle

TAWANG- In a joint venture of District Administration and Tawang Army Brigade  to Keep Tawang Clean and Green, and to recycle the empty Bottles and Plastic materials Deputy Commissioner Tawang Kesang Ngurup Damo and Commander Tawang Brigade, Brigadier NM Bendigeri today flagged off a truck load of Empty bottles to Balipara, Assam and another truck load of segregated plastic to Jhamtse Gatsal School Lungla.

On every 1st and 16th of the month the empty bottles and plastic waste collected from villages, town and Military areas will be sent off for recycle and re-use informed Commander Tawang Army Brigade. Tawang is one of the most beautiful place, and it is our responsibility to keep up its natural beauty intact, and hand it over to coming generations without being damaged and polluted he added.

Addressing the Army Officers Jawans, members of Various NGOs on the occasion, DC Tawang conveyed his gratitude to Army for gracefully accepting his proposal in helping collection of the Plastic Wastes and Empty bottles for further sending it for recycle and re-use.

The civil military bonhomie in Tawang has been always exemplary for others, army has been always in the back supporting us, and he assured that similar support to Army from civilians if needed. He appealed the public to not to throw away empty bottles and plastic wastes in every picnic spot, and Streams, and take active participation by collecting those wastes and sending it off for recycle and re-use and help to “Keep Mountains Clean and Green”.

He commended the members of Women’s Welfare Association, Tawang for their volunteer service in segregation of Plastic Wastes and giving awareness on it, he also requested the WWA Members to work in close coordination with District Administration and Army to make this campaign for making Tawang clean, green and pollution free and to disseminate information regarding ban on Single use plastic, Segregation of Plastic waste at Home and collection of Empty bottles.

DC Tawang and Commander Tawang Brigade later flagged off the vehicles carrying empty bottles and Segregated Plastic wastes.


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