Itanagar: Rally for preservation and protection of tribal identity and culture

ITANAGAR-   Thousands of indigenous tribal people of state hits the street today in a rally shouting slogans for preservation and protection of tribal identity and culture.  The rally began from Rama Khishna Mission Hospital Helipad in Ganga Market area to Indira Gandhi Park .

The  rally, organised with a ” Movement for protection of Tribal Identity of Arunachal Pradesh’  was held under the name and style of ‘Tribal identity movement’ and lead by Arunachal Unit of Janjaati Surakhsa Manch and attended by people of several tribal community of state.

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Senior community leader ” Agung Bengia said that everyone has right to freedom of expression and practice their own religion and belief and faith but here in our state we have found that our tribal people follow indigenous religion ‘Donyi Polo’ and practiced unique culture and have unique identity in the country and world which is understood to be under threat by other people  and is a great challenge and we have to protect and preserve it. He said.

One should not hurt other faith and believe and is the teaching of all the religion which need to be followed, he said.

The Indigenous faith Bill 1978  and ‘ Arunachal Pradesh freedom of Religion Act 1978’ it should be implemented in later and spirit and said that we are tribal and if once implemented it will be safeguards the tribal people. He added.

We have been submitting memorandum on several occasion for implementation of Freedom of Religion Act and at the same time we appeal for strengthening of Priest culture in state.



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