Arunachal: Do not disturb mother nature by cutting hills- Nabam Rebia

Doimukh-  “do not disturb the nature by cutting the hills” stated newly elected Rajya Sabha MP, Nabam Rebia after visiting Tigdo village where four person of a family were buried alive in a tragic landslide incident on Friday morning.

Specially in monsoon season everywhere in the country disaster takes place due to nature fury. In our state especially in hilly areas there are lots of landslide and flood in low laying area. Natural calamity is being occurring during the heavy downpour but we people have to remain alert and maintain ourselves protective measures . Rebia said.


Our state also face disaster every year but we have to plan accordingly and we also have to remain alert and accordingly safety measures need to taken up so that the loss of life and property are saved and minimum loss are happened. He said.

We should not randomly cut the hills, we should not constructed residence  in such vulnerable area like near the river and below the hill so that disaster does not takes place and risk are very low during the disaster. Rebia said.

District administration have to check such kinds of illegal earth cutting. And also should be strictly implement it. Due to randomly and illegally earth cutting is creating more landslide in state and in that capital area is loss soil  it can be create more landslide.  He observed.

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We are disturbing mother earth and nature by randomly earth cutting, he stress to  respect  the natural environment.

Earlier, Rebia alongwith Papum Pare Deputy Commissioner Pige Ligu, SP Jimmy Chiram, DDMO I/C Tara Moro Tara and other local officer and local leaders of the area visited the Tigdo landslide affected family and meet Tana Neka.

He console the family at the tragic situation of disaster takes place on July 10. He also paid tribute and condolences to the bereaved family.


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