Arunachal:  Congress supports APPSCCE aspirant’s protest

After three days of protest by APPSCCE aspirants, Congress party comes out and support the students . 



 “Never in the history of Arunachal Pradesh something like lathi-charge and water cannon were used to disperse the APPSCCE students who gathered to boycott Mains exam in front of King Cup School and Public Service Commission’s office”, stated Takam Sanjoy, President of Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC).

Addressing a press conference held here at Congress Bhawan, APCC President, in support with students’ demand, expressed that due Commissions’ carelessness students are the one reeling under immense mental torture and confusion. Commission has been a black spot in numerous occasions and many such issues have also emerged in the past too and now the students’ has failed to trust the high office, he added.

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Questioning the Commission for its earlier conduct on adding 76 Geography students after the intervention of AAPSU, Sanjay questioned as to why others were not given a fair chance the same way. He also blamed the administration for not working out proper modality in handling the situation and instead making it worse by treating the students as criminals.

Condemning the office of the Governor and Chief Ministers’ Office for being mute spectators, Sanjay said “Congress Party had no choice but to enter into the domain of this issue. Our party will render are support by walking along with the students if needed to bring in free, fair, honest, intelligent and free from outside influence in the Commission.”

APCC president further appealed to the Governor, State Cabinet and Commission to cancel the Mains exam till the matter is settled with proper and permanent solution. In future proper mechanism must be used to conduct fair, transparent and leakage proof examination, the president further added


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