Arunachal: Citizens frightened by blast like sound in sky


The citizens of the Naharlagun township of Arunachal Pradesh today get frightened by the blast like sound in sky in mid day.


Few locals in Lekhi said that a sound of blast was heard and it might be in Naharlaugn area but no body said from where the sound comes, it was so horrible that it have frightened her and her friend who were standing on the roadside.

One person from Borum called to this reporter that there might a bomb blast in Naharalgun but could not see any smoke and requested this reporter to verify.

Few locals of the township said that the blast like sound was herd from the high end and sound not ascertain from weather it comes but the window pane also got tremble as like of earth quick.

Several person also got into discussion in Borpani area that there might be a fire accident in the township but there is no sign of smoke and movement of fire tender but remain confused as what sound was it which they hardly hear which have frightened them.

Naharlagun Fire station sources said that there have been no information of any fire incident but they also heard sound like blast but no information have been reached to them.

Naharlagun Police Station OC N Riba when contacted said that it might be sound of the flying jet fighter in the sky, the sound of the flying jet fighter are also very noisy but there have been no report of any incident of any bomb blast or cylinder blast in the township till late evening.

Capital SP M Harsha Vardhan when contacted said that we have no nay information from Air force sources and no any incident of blast like sound have been reported to police, if it is so he would enquire from the air force authority from Tezpur in this regard. SP added.


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  1. Blast like sound is caused when a fighter jet starts its nuclear charge to accelerate the jet speed above mac2 levels.

    1. The blast like sound was only a sonic boom created by an object traveling through air travels faster than the speed of sound.
      Sonic booms due to large supersonic aircraft generates enormous amounts of sound energy, sounding similar to an explosion So there is no need to panic

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