Arunachal: Chhat Puja celebrated in TEZU

The Chhat Puja is dedicated to Sun God celebrated with traditional gaiety in Tezu, Arunachal Pradesh.



The Chhat Puja is dedicated to Sun God (Surya) which is being observed here at Tezu with much gusto and traditional gaiety.  Thousands of devotees from North India especially Bihar and UP are witnessed offering prayer to Sunrise here at the wee hour standing in cold river water beside the bank of mighty Lohit river.

Bhojpuri ladies are viewed carrying basket of Banana, Sugarcane, Oranges, Apples, Pomelo and other eatables to offer the Sun god. Some fogey devotees are also seen crawling all the way from their home to the Puja River site for protection and seek blessing for good health and happiness.

Chhathin Bhojpuri language means sixth day. The day is thus celebrated on the sixth day of Kartik month in Hindu lunar calendar.

The festival is being celebrated in northern India, and the main chatt Puja called the Surya Shashthi (Sunset) evening was on November 13 and Sunrise on 14th Nov on early this morning.

Arunachal: Chhat Puja celebrated in TEZU

Local people and devotees from other communities were also found in performing Puja to fulfilled their wishes and aspirations.

Agriculture Minister Dr Mohesh Chai and his spouse Sujan Chai have reverently paid obeisance to the Sun god and participated in the Yagya at the site in getting bestowed with peace & prosperity, happiness and well being of the mankind.

Meanwhile, district administration together with Chhat Puja Celebration Committee has made elaborate arrangement at the Tezu Khola river site for the smooth Puja.

 PHED, Power, PWD, Police and other department also worked around the clock to ensure hassle free Puja.


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