Arunachal: AYOF extends relief assistance to the Kaying fire victims


The Adi Young Officers Forum (AYOF) along with other well wisher colleagues have extended a sum of Rs Two Lakhs as relief fund for the Kaying fire victims.

A total of 55 households were gutted down completely on 25th of March around 10:30 AM possibly due to a short circuiting. The relief assistance to the victims is a much relieve to the families whose everything were lost in the unfortunate fire accident where a woman was also partially injured though no lives were lost.

While handing over the cheque on behalf of the AYOF to the General Secretary, Kaying Welfare Society, Natek Nonang, EAC Kaying Tagam Mibang, who is also the Chairman of the Kaying Fire Victims,  said that ‘I on behalf of the victims and people of Kaying whole heartedly thanks AYOF members for their generous and timely contributions and sharing the pains at this time of distress’.

He further informed that till now around 10 houses have been constructed with the help of the volunteers/villagers and the rest of the families are sheltering in their relatives houses or in temporary rehabilitation centres like the village Dere and UPS, Kaying’.

While Pandov Perme, Chairman of the AYOF said that ‘we wanted to physically  go to Kaying and help them out but the ogoing lockdown has been a barrier. We are happy that the local villagers are volunteering and helping reconstruction of the houses’.

Tasi Darang, Dy. SP, the Vice-Chairman of the AYOF also said that ‘at such sorrowful situations we all need to comfort each other. Such gestures brings us more close to brotherhood and humanity’.


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