Arunachal: APST bus catches fire allegedly due to short circuit, no casualties reported

A passenger bus belongs to APST caught fire reportedly due to short circuit, near Namchik gate in Arunachal Pradesh.



A major accidents occured on the last day of this year near Namchik gate. A passenger bus belongs to APST  caught  fire after a short circuit and burnt completely. The good thing is that,  passengers travelling in this bus has not suffered any kind of loss.

As per local sources today’s a APST passenger bus bearing ARX- 0428 plying between Miao-Changlang on daily basis caught fire , may be due to short circuit and burnt completely. The accident  took place near Namchick check gate which is four kilometres away from Kharsang township. Atlaest 15 passenger were on board, but escaped safely, no casualties reported

But due to intelligence of its driver and conducter, could averted the lost of many lives.  The driver  Habibul Rehman sensed the seriousness of the incident and  saved the huge losses of human lives that could have been the causes of great commotion today.


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