Arunachal: Adi Mishing Baane Kebang observes its 11th foundation day

PASIGHAT  ( By- Maksam Tayeng )- The Adi Mishing Baane Kebang (AMBK) which was initially formed on 6th February 2013 with a common goal to bring together and to work for the larger welfare of Adis of Arunachal and Mishings of Assam, observed its 11th foundation day today at a resort picnic site near Siku bridge, Mebo which was attended by members of AMBK from both Assam and Arunachal Pradesh.

The AMBK flag was hoisted by Raju Medok, President, AMBK amidst the presence of its several executive members and well-wishers like Okom Yosung, Secretary General, Dr. T. Tamuk, Organizing Chairman, Tani Moyong, Vice-President and others besides Bosiram Siram, former MLA and Minister, Batem Pertin, (retired Director Research), Robo Megu (treasury officer), Tony Pertin, former ABK President, Mongol Yomso, last MP candidate, Tapi Darang (retired SE), Rokom Bado (retired CE), Tamat Gamoh, Tanya Dabi, Yamik Dulom Darang, President WASE etc.


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All the speakers on the foundation day spoke at length for larger and greater welfare of Adis and Mishings and also batted for coming up with a common script for Adis and Mishing. Dr. Gindu Borang, Batem Pertin and Bosiram Siram dwelt at length for giving a final shape to a Modified Roman Script for the Adis and Mishings which according to them will bring more closer and unity between the two lost brothers.

“Adis and Mishings are descendants from the same origin and tribe, on the course of migration the Mishings came down to the plains of Assam and the Adis remained back in the hills and mountains of Arunachal Pradesh. Only the boundary demarcation between Assam-Arunachal separated the Adis and Mishings, but we are one culturally, linguistically and socially also”, said Batem Pertin, Robo Megu and others.

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They also said that, there have various symbolic and historic sites like Pegu Siyeng at Karko village, Noroh Yibe’ at Damro, Po:lo Yorbe at Geling, Sirki Nane here at Pasighat, Kardong Yingkii at Adi Pasi and Taid Kumteng at Jeru here in Adi belt still today which are proved of Adis and Mishings once lived together.

On the foundation day, new office bearers for various districts and blocks within Adi areas of Arunachal and Mishing areas of Assam were also sworn-in who affirmed to work for the larger welfare and unity of Adis and Mishings. Women wing of AMBK was also created today who will work for both Adis and Mishings, especially in fighting against evils of society like drugs in coordination with the Women Against Social Evils based in East Siang district.

Meanwhile, Raju Medok and Okom Yosung, President and Secy. General AMBK has assured the people of Adis and Mishings to carry forward the unity and brotherhood of both and also agreed on early creation of a common script besides developing and beautifying the symbolic Adi-Mishing historical sites like Pegu Siyeng etc.


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