Arunachal: ABK Youth Wing demands for complete lifting of ‘parking fees system’ from Pasighat

PASIGHAT- ( By- Maksam Tayeng )-  People of Pasighat town including Adi Bane Kebang Youth wing (Apex) have expressed grave concern over the collection of exorbitant fees/charges against parking of vehicles in the Pasighat market area.

ABK Youth wing publicity secretary, Kalen Pertin in a Press Statement alleged that East Siang Deputy Commissioner (DC) despite their repeated approach is not taking proper action in this regard.

“Collection of exorbitant parking fees at Pasighat town is causig massive public concern. The DC cum District Magistrate even after knowing all facts is keeping mum over the issue, which is causing concern among local people”, Pertin said.

According to information, East Siang DC has assigned a private party for collection of the parking fees in the township. The contractor concerned has been collecting exorbitant rate against parking of vehicles thereby creating inconvenience to urban dwellers, local traders and travelers as well.

It may be recalled that ABK Youth Wing after receiving number of complaints and allegations, organized an executive meeting at Pasighat in early October last year, and discussed the parking fees issues, wherein they adopted decision to place the issue with district administration.

Subsequently, the ABK Youth Wing functionaries led by its president Joluk Minung placed their grievances on parking fees issue before East Siang DC Dr Kinny Singh, sought an early action from the administration’s end.

Reportedly, the DC assured to call a meeting with her subordinates to discuss the said matter without any delay.

The ABK youth wing, who found the DC unmoved on the problems, submitted second representation on February 1 this year, and reminded her about the last application.

DC Singh in her reply said she had the meeting and assured that she will issue an order shortly to resolve the issue. But, allegedly, the DC neither issued order nor took any effective step in this regard.

As per report, the third party contractor charges @Rs. 20 against four wheelers and @Rs 10 against two wheeler vehicles on hourly basis, which the local people  demanded the authority for re-fixing half of the existing charges with daily basis.

Being aggrieved over the DC’s alleged inaction, ABKYouth wing (apex) recently submitted representation demanding the authority for complete lifting of ‘parking fees system’ from Pasighat urban area within next 10 days. It has warned that failure to reciprocate their demand would invite public movement against the authority.

“Failure to redress our grievances within the scheduled period will forced the ABK youth wing to launch ‘No Parking Fees Abhiyan’ and the East Siang DC will be solely responsible for consequent law and order situation caused by the movement”, the ABK Youth Wing noted in their representation.

However, ABKYW added the Parking fees should or can only be collected in the Govt. alloted parking lot in the market area with total CCTV surveillances in the parking premises. ABKYW is also ready to work with the District Magistrate in any parking awareness programmes and will try to appeal each & every denizens to be sensible with the parking system.

Meanwhile, DC Pasighat Dr. Kinny Singh has said that parking fee issue is completely of Pasighat Municipal Council and from District Administration’s part PMC Chief has been directed to take corrective action.

When contacted, Okiam Moyong Borang, Chief Councilor, PMC informed this scribe that PMC is shortly convening a meeting to take a final call on the parking fee issue. She also said that the parking fee/charge collection in Pasighat market area is a subject of PMC and a tender was issued earlier to a firm for parking fee collection by previous office bearers. “We are in knowledge of the concern raised by ABK Youth Wing and other public on which PMC will discuss soon to take a call on it”, added PMC Chief.

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