Arunachal: 2 more escaped prisoners re-arrested from Jonai and Leku-Jhelum area


PASIGHAT ( By Maksam Tayeng )- Achieving more success in the untiring manhunt against escaped Under Trial Prisoners from Pasighat Judicial jail, the East Siang police (Pasighat PS, Ruksin PS, Sille-Oyan Out-Post) re-arrested Abhijeet Gogoi and Subash Mandol with the help of local villagers and youths from Oyan, 12 Mile, Mangnang, Leku-Jhelum (Assam) etc.

While Abhijeet Gogoi was re-arrested from Jonai, railway line area on Wednesday, Subash Mandol was nabbed again from Leku-Jhelum area. With the re-arrest of Gogoi and Mandol the total re-arrest became 3 including the re-arrest of Kalen Apang a day before and manhunt against remaining 4 others still on large, are going on by the police and IRBn forces based in the district. The local villagers in and around Pasighat and near Assam-Arunachal boundary including the villages along Pasighat-Ruksin Highway are also already on high alert.

A youth from Oyan village informed that the village youths are also keeping strong vigil over the possible passages from where those escaped UTPs are likely to flee. However, the imposition of curfew by District Administration from 3 PM to 5 AM due to covid-19 crisis and alertness cooperation of general public has immensely helped the police forces as those escaped UTPs couldn’t find easy way to sneak out from the state.

It is to recall here that, 7 out of 90 plus UTPs locked up in the judicial jail, Pasighat had escaped from the jail by attacking and injuring the jail guards on 11th July evening 6.20 PM at the time of serving evening meal where cell lock are opened for a while to serve the meal to the UTPs.

And it is worth mentioning here that latest re-arrested escaped UTPs like Subash Mandol and Abhijeet Gogoi are notorious and dreaded criminals whose re-arrest is a sense of relief for many. While Mondal is associated with the case of killing of a Cashier of Rural Bank, Mebo, Gogoi is a hardcore drug peddlers cum addict who has been associated with several theft cases.

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