Arunachal: 1 person injured, 4 mithun killed in IAF bombings at Dollungmukh


There is a painful news from  Dollungmukh  of Kamle district where a person named Bini Todum was seriously injured  and at least four Mithuns  have been killed reportedly due to Indian Air Force (IAF)’s bombing exercise over Ruyu village on Tuesday night.


Todum was at his home in Ruyu, which is outside the demarcated bombing range of the IAF, when the bomb struck, injuring him and damaging his home.

The locals said that ‘on June 5th night, the IAF reportedly carried out bombing exercise wherein at least forur mithuns were killed,  and a man got injuries , but the  bombing exercise is still going on in the area.

Locals alleged that Around 15,000 population of Dollungmukh  are facing lots of untold miscreants Due its continuesly using live Heavy bombing practise in the heart of Dollungmukh circle which causes Air pollution, Noise pollution, Water pollution, Heavy Shivering, high Radiation produce , etc. There practise Ground is located at The middle of village which is nearly Distance about 1 kilometers .

Arunachal: 1 person injured, 4 mithun killed in IAF bombings at Dollungmukh

The People’s of Dollungmukh cant able to go Their paddy field and Even cannot sleep at Night because of heavy shivering just like Earth quake, locals alleged.

It may mention here that the  bombing practise has started from 1975, and at present  it is continue . In 1992 one of villager also had killed by , lost of cattle animals like mithun, buffalo, cow and goat are countless Due to its heavy bombard.

Recently, when the Governor BD Mishra visited Raga, people from Dollungmukh had called for a permanent solution to the recurring bombings by shifting the drill range.

The people’s of Dollungmukh had submitted memorandum in many occasion to state and central Govt. Regarding this matter but Till no any action has been Taken.


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