Arunachal: 1 body spotted, out of 3 people fell into Siyom River in Sanggam bridge collapse incident

PASIGHAT- The body of one of the three people who fell into the Siyom river in the Sanggam bridge collapse accident  was spotted today from Pillumukh area, near Pasighat.

The dead body is said to be seen by some people at Pillumukh area today and is said to be still at the location tight by those who have come across the dead body, informed the Pasighat police sources this evening.

“As of now, the dead body is said to be of Late Ranjit Sutrodar but his complete identity is yet to be fully identified. The final identification will be done tomorrow only after the dead body is retrieved from the river bank”, said Otu Gao, Officer-in-Charge, Pasighat Police Station this evening.

It is worth referring here that three persons have fallen down into the Siyom river recently along with a fully stone chips loaded Dumper truck when Sanggam bridge collapsed. The search operation teams from both NDRF and SDRF have made daylong attempts to retrieve and locate the three persons fallen down into the river, but had called off the search operation due to heavy rain and turbulent river current of Siang and Siyom river.

It is also to add here that, another person, a worker on construction of Nugong bridge over Siang river just adjacent to Sanggam bridge collapse site, near Siang-Siyom river confluence had fallen down into Siang river on 2nd May last and his death body was also recovered from 21 mile, graveyard area near Pasighat’s Komlighat side on 10th May last by SDRF team based here at Pasighat, informed an SDRF personnel.

The recovery of death bodies and others falling down into Siang river are often found and recovered from Komlighat, Partung, Pillumukh and D. Ering Memorial Wildlife Sanctuary areas due to Siang river getting diverted into several channels after flowing down to plain areas and crossing the foothills of mountain near Raneghat side of Pasighat.



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