Aruachal: Road Safety Awareness cum Free Helmet Distribution camp held in Pasighat

Royal Siang Riders 515MC in collaboration with Traffic Cell of dept of Transport and Highways conducts awareness cum free helmet distribution

 PASIGHAT  ( By Maksam Tayeng )-  In continuation of their unconditional charity works, the Royal Siang Riders 515MC based here at Pasighat organized a road safety awareness and free helmet distribution program on Tuesday while collaborating with the Traffic Cell from Department of Transport and Department of Highways, East Siang district.

The RSR-515MC distributed more than one hundred ISI certified Helmets to random riders who were stopped by traffic police for violation of traffic rules and found riding without helmets.

As per the team RSR-515 MC, the distributed helmets were donated for the cause by the various four wheeler and two wheeler dealers of Pasighat Township. Seeing many riders riding Motorcycle and Scooty’s without helmet, the prominent Rider Club of Pasighat decided to organize the event with a hope to spread the fundamentals of basic traffic rules.

“It pains me to see so many riders riding two wheelers without helmets, almost all the road accident related fatalities are caused by head injury and the only way to protect the rider’s head is by wearing a helmet, as helmet absorbs the accident impact on brain or any external head injury.

Wearing helmets also protects the neck and face of a rider thereby improving the visibility as well. We have plans to distribute another 500 helmets in the near future. Basic road safety measure is to wear a seat belt which is being avoided even by intellectuals of the society.

Most of all, we extend our respect and thanks to various sponsors for their unconditional support” said Jobomchang Mengu, the founder member of RSR-515 MC on the occasion.

The organizers of the event also distributed 500 Nos 6 pages Pamphlet along with 500 nos of traffic sign boards. “The main motive of the program was to instill the fundamentals of following road safety and safe riding/driving.  As it is a usual sight nowadays riding without helmets, and driving without seatbelts, which is for the safety of the riders/drivers only.

Especially two wheeler riders as most are young girls and boys we felt the need to instill the pros of safe riding. And it is also pertinent to mention here that most of the road fatalities are those riding/driving without helmets or seatbelts”, added Kenjing Dai, spokespeople of RSR-515 MC.


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