APPEIRC inspects Apex Professional University to prove allegations leveled by students and a faculty member

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  • The unstable and frequent change of teaching and non-teaching staffs of the university including the post of Vice Chancellor also indicates the unruly and unhealthy environment of the APU

PASIGHAT- As per the direction of the Governor of Arunachal Pradesh, the Arunachal Pradesh Private Educational Institutions Regulatory Commission (APPEIRC), Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh led by its member, Prof. Dr. Debabrata Das is currently conducting a detail inquiry of the allegation leveled against the Apex Professional University (APU) by several students and a former HoD/Dean of the of B. Ed. course of the private university based here at Pasighat.


The commission began its inquiry today amidst much chaos from the students gathered outside a hall/room in the administrative block (Science block) of the university where aggrieved students were called in the room as batch-wise or department-wise to hear about their grievances. Firstly, the aggrieved students of Bachelor of Education and Dr. Anil Kumar Dubey, Ex-Dean & Head faculty of Teachers Education were heard by the commission followed by students of other departments.

Initially the students waiting in the lobby were contemplating misleading the commission by the management of APU and they desired the presence of media in the hall during the course of hearing the student’s grievances. However, the commission heard the students’ version one after one and later spoke to the media about the inquiry.

While speaking to the media persons after meeting the commission, the aggrieved students opined hope for a fair report from the commission to be submitted to the Governor for solving and addressing the grievances of the students.

Many students with a former faculty have alleged the APU management of exploiting the students by charging exorbitant fees, lack of adequate faculties, teaching and non-teaching staff not getting proper salary, students not getting books from the library and lab not functional despite paying library and lab fee.

The unstable and frequent change of teaching and non-teaching staffs of the university including the post of Vice Chancellor also indicates the unruly and unhealthy environment of the APU which also directly and indirectly affects the educational standard and system of the university, informed the students while adding that, anyone (teaching, non-teaching and students) questioning the improper management of the university are targeted.

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From students Tapor Jerang, Yombi Dabi, Kenyir Riba, Sanbom Panor, Obi Gao (Secretary General, Adi-Mishing Students’ Union-Apex) and Dr. Anil Kumar Dubey has also alleged of APU becoming a degree selling shop and some of faculties those appointed are not as per the NCTE, PCI and BCI norms. Dr. Kumar has also informed that he was asked to resign from the job for speaking in favour of students who were exploited by the management of APU and his salaries amounting to around Rs. 1 lakh were also not paid as he had helped the students to pass the course who were actually and willfully made failed by the management to get more money from the students to let them passed.

Stressing on the urgent need of improvement of educational quality by enhancing/recruiting more faculty members, creation of required infrastructure of the university and also reducing the exorbitant collection of fees from the students, the Adi Mishing Students’ Union (apex), Secretary General, Obi Gao added that the union will take up the issue on larger and greater platform at both Arunachal and Assam level if government fails to take on the willful decision and action of the university authorities.

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While on the part of APPEIRC, Prof. Dr. Debabrata Das informed the media that detailed reports of the findings in the inquiry will be submitted to the authority concerned so that a corrective measure if any could be directed to APU management for the welfare of the students and teaching & non-teaching staffs of the university.

It is important to mention here that, Apex Professional University, Pasighat was established after the state assembly passed an education bill with an objective to keep pace with the rapid development in all spheres of knowledge and to create world level modern research and study facilities to provide state of art educational facilities to the youths of the state vide education bills of 2012 for setting up of private universities in the state (Apex Professional University Bill, 2012).

However, the present allegations against the university by its own students and faculty members which has led to the intervention of state’s constitutional head, the Governor, shows and indicates that all is not well in the management of the university and is contradicting and defeating the very objective of the government for which purpose the private universities were established in this frontier state.


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