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A Widow, Basanti Deka Gets A New Roof – Thanks to DynaLume

Hajo ( Assam )


Thanks to the “A Roof for Our Land” campaign, a great initiative by DynaLume in association with Asam Sahitya Sabha and few local media houses, Basanti Deka has a new roof to keep her warm and dry.

Earlier the dry summers for Basanti Deka, a 70 years old widow, in Majarkuri village of Hajo were fine, but when the rain began, it was a different story. Water dripped in her poor mud hut with a roof made of poor paddy straw where she stays all alone.  Basanti Deka kept pans lined with cloths at the end of her bed each night to catch the drips. Sometimes she’d knock them over, wetting the floor and her feet.

DynaLume “A Roof for Our Land” campaign which is also known as “Amar Mati Amar Chad” is endorsed by renowned singer Zubeen Garg and aims to provide a new roof over head of needy families living in adequatehousing conditions. Under this campaign in first phase DynaLume provides a new roof and required basic infrastructure to 50 needy families spread across Lower & Upper Assam. In exceptional cases, company provides a complete new house to deserving families if they own a piece of land. This campaign also appeals generosity and compassion of every willing heart to contribute minimum one sheet of roofing in this campaign to cover more needy families.


Speaking at handing over ceremony of first beneficiary home held today at place of Basanti Deka, Axom Sahitya Sabha President Dr. Dhruba Jyoti Bora said that a roof over head is a human right of every individual and we all share the responsibility to ensure this. In rural villages of Assam there are lakhs of families who are living in inadequate houses. Some houses are roofless, some are made of poor paddy straw and some are badly damaged. This noble initiative of SM Foundation and DynaLume is a laudable step towards serving the mankind and we all should make this initiative a mass movement.

“This initiative of ‘Amar Mati Amar Chad’ has full support and good wishes of Axom Sahitya Sabha”, Dr. Bora reaffirmed.

Commenting on this development Shri Sarat Kr. Jain, CMD, SM Group said, “A Roof for Our land (Amar Mati, Amar Chad) campaign is in line with the objective of group’s social service wing SM Foundation. Campaign has made significant progress and we are very hopeful to create a better tomorrow for people suffering on this beautiful land of Assam.”

Shri Sushil Jain, Managing Director of SM Group explained, “Idea to replace Basanti Deka’s roof came after local DynaLume Dealer MsLipika Enterprises saw the plastic sheets over her bed to keep out the leaks. It pained us to see her struggling to keep dry. A Roof for Our Land campaign has been designed for these helpless people only. Village Gaonburah Sri Naba Kumar Das also recommended her name and we knew it was time to do something.”

Panchayat & Rural Development Department, Govt. of Assam, has also extended its support to this initiative and sent Deputy Director Shri Mukut Sharma to attend the handing over ceremony of first beneficiary home.

“That was real good, real nice of them,” P&RD Commissioner Dr. KK Diwedi said.

Basanti Deka said that she’s grateful for the generosity of DynaLume and Axom Sahitya Sabha. “Her new roof is perfect”, she said.

“I could never have gotten a roof up there on my own,” she added.


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