5-day Arunachal Music festival concludes



Festival make the people closer and music unite the people. Said Bamang Felix, Minister Home & Border Affairs. He was addressing the gathering of closing ceremony of 5- days long Arunachal Music Festival at Sango ground between Itanagar-Naharlaugn on Sunday evening..

If we want our identity to be intact we have to follow three ‘P’. Protect, preserve and promote our indigenous culture and tradition, said Felix.

He said that Arunachal Pradesh is known for its rich cultural heritage and tradition with bio-diversity, several culture and identity of several tribes of state is at the verge of extension and it is the need of the hour that we all have to come together and join hands together for its protection, preservation and promotion.

 We also need to pass on our traditional value and ethos of rich cultural heritage of our ancestors to our younger generation so that it can be carried forward and the traditional value and cultural heritage remain intact with our identity.

While congratulating the organizing team of AMF and the executive members of EDMB with the idea to unite several tribes at a single platform and appeal to continue and do not lose the tempo and appeal all stakeholders to join in such celebration every year so that such platform also give ample opportunity for participants to each other music, language, songs, folklore and tradition etc.

Felix also assured all support to the AMF team for 3rd edition. He also give away several prizes of various competition and performances on the occasion.

Felix also witness several music and dances and other performances by renowned artist of state which include Taba Yall Nabam, Delong Padung, Bicky Para Tok, Nabam Meka, J B Nabam and others

Organising Chairman, Toko Yallam Gemi in her address said that the we have created one of the biggest platform by way of Arunachal Music festival and our main motto is to unite all traditional, folk music, and folksong of state.

 This year we have several cultural troops from 21 district of state have taken parts and all have performed well and the performances in the state capital will be remembered by all.  She added.

The five day music festival which include display of traditional music, traditional dance, drama, traditional songs fine arts music display from Rajiv Gandhi university team, fashion show, traditional musical instrument competition, DJ, folk songs and folk dance of Manipuri tribe, Gorkha tribe and other tribes of North East region, war dances of various tribe, display of various collection by local designers of state, modern dances of various tribes, performances by several state artist and singers etc.

AMF Executive Director, Tai Tugung among other also address the gathering.


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