Today true romance is indeed dead….literally

Kora kagaz thaa yeh man mera….an old song of Rajesh Khanna compelled the writer to write it down ” Today true romance is indeed literally…….

By Denhang Bosai , Dy Director, IPR, Arunachal Pradesh 


Today true romance is indeed literally a think of the distant past. In fact, young people have no time for real romance.

When the super-duper hit film Aradhana was released in 1969, the soulful songs, soothing music, serene locales and the reel love story of Rajesh Khanna and Sharmila Tagore caught the imagination of the nation. This hit song was on everybody’s lips. The film rekindled romance in the true sense of the term.


Rajesh Khanna became the first super star and of course, heart-throb of the nation, especially of the female fans. The women would swoon and go weak in their knees at the mere mention of the name Rajesh Khana.

Many women were floored by that charming and mysterious Rajesh Khanna’s smile and the twinkle of his magical eyes made the women mad. Some women would kiss the super star’s car wherever it was parked. Many of them married to his photograph.

Such was the magic of romance created by the greatest romanticist Rajesh Khanna that the whole nation started aping his hairstyle, dress and even his action.

Indeed, romance in film is truly gone after Rajesh Khanna had stopped romancing in films. Today’s Hindi films have nothing to write home about and hardly appeal the viewers.

The young people too seem to make romance through mobile only. Indeed true romance is dead. Rest in peace…

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