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Revolutionizing Agriculture: Drones and Nano Urea Make Waves in North Eastern States

GUWAHATI- In a groundbreaking turn of events, residents across the North Eastern states, including Assam, Meghalaya, Arunachal, Tripura, and Nagaland, are witnessing the positive outcomes of their participation in the Vikshit Bharat Sankalp Yatra (VBSY), a nationwide campaign aimed at raising awareness and achieving the saturation of schemes spearheaded by the Government of India.

Facilitated by The Brahmaputra Valley Fertilisers Corporation (BVFCL), this visionary program is dedicated to fostering development and progress through cutting-edge technological advances in the agricultural sector.

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The impactful demonstration of drones dispersing nano urea has sparked enthusiasm among farmers present during this enlightening session.

Mr. Tao Techi, a resident of Arunachal Pradesh, expressed his admiration, stating, “The drone demo was truly impressive, shedding light on the crucial role this technology could play in the future of farming. It not only saves time but also enhances production across extensive farmland within minutes.

Having this technology in our area would be a game-changer. I personally enjoyed the demo a lot and am hopeful that we’ll soon have these machines in our locality.”

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With a joyful smile, Tabu Yaro of Yazali Agri-farm added, “I enjoyed seeing the demo; the machine works really well. Here, we work with our hands, but having this drone would greatly benefit us. It makes our work more efficient and keeps us physically healthier. I personally liked it a lot.”

This Government of India-backed initiative marks a significant stride in the agricultural landscape of the North Eastern states, promising a brighter and more efficient future for farmers across the region.


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