Namsai- Dy CM Chowna Mein Meet With Cultural Troops



Deputy Chief Minister Chowna Mein on Monday visited and interacted with the cultural troops of Tai Khampti Heritage & Literature Society (TKHLS) at Kongmukham (Golden Pagoda) at Noy Chenam (Tengapani). The members of TKHLS will showcase their popular Kaa-Kong-Toh-Kai (Cockfight dance) and Kaa Kingnara Kingnari (Peacock and peahen dance) forms at the forthcoming North East Festival 2016 at Mumbai.The popular dances of Kaa Kingnara Kingnari and Kaa-Kong-Toh-Kai are prominent dance forms among the Tai Khamptis in Arunachal Pradesh.


Kaa Kingnara Kingnari dance is a Buddhist belief in nature which depicts the slow and gracious dance of mythical half human and half peacock that existed in Himalayas. The Kaa-Kong-Toh-Kai is another popular dance performed by two or four people who wear a headgear shaped like the heads of cock, accompanied by the beats of Drum (Kongpat), cymbals (paiseng) and a set of gongs (Mong seing). This dance usually shows a fight between two cocks inspired by the ancient tradition of entertaining the king with a cockfight. While giving the team words of advice, Mein said that unlike many forms of traditional Arunachali dance, the Tai Khampti dance is a dance drama, expressively and elegantly reflect the rich culture of the Khampti Buddhist here. He suggested flaunting their rich culture, giving the audience a glimpse of the life that exists in Northeast in general and Arunachal Pradesh in particular.


He said that this creative stage in Mumbai should be used to draw attention to our current prevailing needs. It will be also a good platform for the team to promote the state as one of the upcoming tourist destination especially Namsai district as a religious destination, he added.
The cultural troops will be led by Chow Kalingna Mannoi and Chow Suwinwai Longkan and will leave for Mumbai for the festival very soon.




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