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Massive Landslide in North Sikkim, Created Artificial Lake


Reports of a massive landslide in Dzongu of Nortk Sikkimm have emerged due to which an artificial lake has been created.  An entire hillock called “So Bhir,” adjacent to Kanaka river has come crashing down.  As a result, the Kanaka river in Dzongu has reportedly been blocked by massive landslide and a temporary lake has been formed on the other side of the river. Kanaka rive is a major tributary of Teesta river.



The massive landslide has created a dam near Mentam village near Dzongu in North Sikkim. The dam is about 150ft wide and due to this about Five houses in Mentam has submerged. About 300 mtrs of Road has been damaged and a bridge is submerged. All the people of Mentam has been evacuated and two relief camps have been setup. The district administration is supplying essential commodities to the relief camps. No human casualties or injuries reported so far. There is a possibility that this lake may burst and release a huge volume of water which will inturn increase the volume of Teesta river.


The people residing along the low lying area of Teesta at Dikchu, Makha, Singtam, Rangpo, Melli, Teesta Bazar and nearby regions will have to be informed of this development. As of now, the situation is stable but people in those areas have been told to be prepared for emergency evacuations if required.

We would suggest people in areas of immediate danger to pack all their important documents and valuables, so that if they are required to leave, they may do so in a short notice.



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