International Yoga Day: Arunachal CM, Ministers, legislatures, officers join Yoga session 

The Chief Minister appreciated the government employees for taking time out for a full-fledged yoga session despite the day being a working day.



Celebrating the International Yoga Day, Chief Minister Pema Khandu joined his cabinet colleagues, legislators, officers and staff of the state Civil Secretariat here this morning for an hour of Yoga session.

With Ms Lobsang Drema, a certified Yoga exponent, as the instructor, more than thousand officers and officials including Chief Secretary Satya Gopal went through the tried and tested asaanas of the ancient Indian form of exercise that strengthens both body and soul.

Ms Drema, a native of Tawang who took to Yoga seriously after correcting a slip-disc by practising it, eloquently explained both physical and spiritual benefits of the asaanas that she made all go through during the hour-long routine.

Highlighting the benefits of Yoga that not only prevents several life-threatening diseases but also cure many, Khandu wondered aloud the necessity of government-sponsored health schemes ‘when few minutes of Yoga practice daily could suffice’.

He said Yoga ought to be taken up as a ‘Jan Andolan’ and spread even to the villages for a healthy society.

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In his brief address, Khandu lauded the vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on whose initiation the world recognized its universal appeal and on 11 December 2014, the United Nations proclaimed 21 June as the International Day of Yoga.

“Yoga is an ancient physical, mental and spiritual practice that originated in India. The word ‘yoga’ a Sanskrit word that means to join or to unite, symbolizes the union of body and consciousness.

While Modiji is celebrating the day at Ranchi leading thousands in a mega Yoga session, the world community will reiterate the significance of this ancient Indian art in today’s context,” Khandu informed.

The Chief Minister appreciated the government employees for taking time out for a full-fledged yoga session despite the day being a working day. He asserted that exercise, specifically Yoga is a must for government employees.

“We as government servants attend office daily and work under tremendous pressure. It is but natural for us to fall prey to diseases like stress, blood pressure, etc. Here comes in the importance of Yoga in our life. For us it is a must,” he stressed.

Pointing that Yoga not only leads to a healthy but also a disciplined life, Khandu reiterated his stress on discipline of government employees.

“Please maintain discipline and reach your respective offices by 9.30 am on all working days and leave only after 5 pm,” he urged while directing the Chief Secretary, commissioners, secretaries and HoDs to monitor their staff.

“At times I will also make surprise visit to offices,” the Chief Minister added.


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