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BPF wants early expansion of ministry



By Kanak Chandra Boro

The Bodoland Peoples Front (BPF), wants the expansion of ministry in Dispur to be done by January 20, this was stated in Kokrajhar today, by senior BPF leader and Rajya Sabha MP Biswajit Daimary said the ministry expansion was to be done within January before the Magh Bihu but now it is heard that it will be done only after the Assembly election to be held in five states.

Daimary expressed his dissatisfaction over the delay saying postponing the expansion for various reasons like inauspicious day, month and sometime due to election is not justified. Such day will come and go. If we keep on looking for auspicious day, than we will not be able to run this country, he said.

Daimary stated that the present ministers have more than 5-6 departments with them, some even have 8-9 and it become extremely difficult for them to give time to each and every department. Stating that due to over burden of department, he said “If department official has to wait for 3-4 months for a minister for department work than how will we develop the state.

Demanding immediate expansion of ministry he said, minimum required minister should be expanded at the earliest. “We know national party has lots of work and has to think about the country and cannot give much time for state work. They  are busy with the election in Manipur, Uttar Pradesh and has little tome to think for Assam. We as a regional party and as a coalition party with the BJP in the state are now suffering, he said adding “Our only point is BJP might have many isues but the BPF and AGP don’t have any problem and we want that the ministry expansion be done before January 20.


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