Arunachal University of Studies holds it’s 8th Convocation

Convocation is commencement of endless possibilities, opportunities and responsibilities: Governor

ITANAGAR-  The Governor of Arunachal Pradesh Lt. General K T Parnaik, (Retd.) graces the 8th Convocation of Arunachal University of Studies (AUS), Namsai, in its university campus on 19th March 2024. The Governor presented the Doctor of Philosophy degrees and gold medalists, i.e. topper of the respective subjects on the occasion. 667 undergraduate and 19 post graduate degrees were awarded.


Congratulating the graduating students, the Governor said that convocation is a day of fulfillment for the students, their parents and guardians and faculty members, reflecting their sacrifices, dedication and sincerity to imbibe the best education that leads to a better future. He said that this moment of triumph is not a culmination but a commencement of endless possibilities, opportunities and responsibilities.

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The Governor said that education is not merely the acquisition of a degree, it is the cultivation of minds, the nurturing of talents and the shaping of character. He said that it is through innovation, research and development that the person can bring positive transformation in society and address many of its problems including poverty, disease, unemployment and hunger.

“You, as graduates of this University, have the responsibility for ushering in societal transformation using the knowledge of science, social science, humanities, law and other subjects which you have acquired”, he said.

The Governor advised the graduates to embrace change with open arms and a receptive mind. The world you are entering is dynamic, complex, and ever-evolving. Embrace diversity, embrace innovation, and above all, embrace the spirit of lifelong learning. Remember that education is not confined to the four walls of a classroom; it is a continuous process – a journey of exploration and discovery, he said.

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The Governor called upon each one of graduates to take a pledge to make the full use of their knowledge for the benefit of society and humanity at large. He emphasized that the graduates owe a great responsibility to lead with compassion, pride and rootedness in Bharat and its rich and diverse ancient and modern culture, knowledge system and traditions.

He said that as leaders in their chosen field of occupation, their efforts need to be focused on deep rooted pride in being Indian, in thoughts, spirit and deeds and you need to develop knowledge skills, values and disposition that support responsible commitment to human rights, national wellbeing and collective collaboration.

In his presidential speech, the Governor said that the convocation marks a significant milestone in the journey of the AUS and higher education of Arunachal Pradesh. He commended the AUS, university faculty and administrative officials for creating a vibrant environment of learning experience and for implementing the National Education Policy 2020.

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The Governor said that Arunachal University of Studies (AUS), Namsai is imparting quality higher education and also serving as a catalyst for socio-economic progress in the North East Region. He appreciated the University for conducting various skill projects, in which 2500 youths were skilled.

In his maiden visit to the AUS campus, the Governor inaugurated a faculty residential building and laid foundation stones for 700 capacity tribal girls’ hostel and 400 capacity boys’ hostel.


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