Arunachal: The Beauty of Ziro from the lens

Tucked away in the forbidding mountain-scape of Arunachal Pradesh, Ziro Valley is an entrancing holiday destination in North East India which magnetizes everyone with its green hills veiled under thick layers of vibrant flora. While the tranquillity of this charming little town makes it a soul seekers paradise, its epitomic scenic beauty also entices innumerable nature lovers and photographers who specially travel here from far and wide to soak their souls in the place’s ethereal natural splendour—-from the News Desk 



by Denhang Bosai, Dy Director, IPR, Arunachal Pradesh 

The enchanting and mesmerisingly beautiful Ziro valley blooms with myriad colours of hope and happiness. The benevolent Mother Nature is at her best during this time of the year at Ziro which is gifted with many splendoured things of life.

Cool climate, ripening paddy fields of prosperity, pine-clad hills, flowers of all hues, shapes and sizes, exotic flora and fauna and most importantly gentle and friendly Appatanis who are known for their harwork, grit and tenacity.

The only villain that shamessly exists as a painful thorn in the flesh of Ziro, the paradise, is the much-maligned Hoj-Potin road which is man-made thanks to insatiable human

The place is great for adventure seekers too; whether one is looking forward to a soul-captivating trekking experience, a jungle camping fun or wildlife exploration, Ziro is not going to leave anyone disappointed.


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  1. Excellent write-up. There should have been others information regarding how to go, stay, time required, tourists attractions etc.

    1. From Guwahati take helicopter to Itanagar around 1 hour,then take helicopter from Itanagar to Ziro around 39-45 minutes and vice versa( cost approx Rs 9000 per head) ,for stay as per your will,tourists attraction whole ziro.If you choose road then go for hiring Scorpio from Guwahati ,vehicle of choice both parts and mechanics are readily available ( Rs 30000/vehicle only up and down /to and fro.

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