Arunachal Scout Mob attacks Bomdila Police Station, manhandled police personnel


A mob of Arunachal Scouts ( unit of military )  today attack the Bomdila Police Station and nearby PWD Office and vandalised the police station and the PWD office, the mob also manhandled the police personnel there.


Bomdila SP Raja Banthia while talking to Arunachal24  over phone said that the personnel of Arunachal Scout today ransacked the Bomdila Police Station and the PWD office and manhandled the police personnel present at Police Station. Mob also manhandled a civilian at PWD office there.

The incident is took place  around 1 PM. Mob snatched away the arm and ammunition and mobile phone of OC and threatened for dire consequences.

Giving detail of the incident, SP said that an information was received on Friday night at around 9 PM that few personnel of Arunachal Scouts were who were drunken, misbehaving public at the celebration ground of the Budddha Mahotsova.

The police team led by OC Ashok Tayeng went to the spot and intervene and brought two personnel to police station who have manhandled the OC on the spot and misbehave to a lady police there.

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The official of the Arunachal Scout were informed their seniors. An Officer of the Arunachal Scout came to Police station and take away the two personnel with them.

But today they more than 100 in numbers comes again, with arms and ammunition and attacked the Police Station  and PWD office without any reason. They were dispersed with the help of CRPF.

A total of five FIR have been registered under appropriate sections of law  and investigation have been  launched.

DIG (west) Issack Pertin while informed that the PHQ have sought detail report and action will be initiated after that, meantime the legal action for vandalising of public property and manhandling the government servant will  initated there only. Pertin added.

Meanwhile The All Arunachal Pradesh students Union strongly condemned the mob attack in Bomdila Police station by personals of Arunachal scouts.

The Union demanded  the state government as well as the Ministry of Home Affairs to immediately institute a enquiry committee and stringent punishment be awarded to perpetrators of such unbecoming act.

Community based organisation form Bomdila  have also condemn the indecent and a  rally would be held.


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One Comment

  1. This is false twisted news.

    What actually happened was as follows:

    02 JCOs (Inspector rank officers) and 28 jawans of Arunachal Scouts (An Indian Army unit) were granted outpass to attend the Buddha Mahotsav Festival on 02 Nov from 6.30 p.m. to 9.30 p.m.

    Two jawans -Sepoy Ching Sonam and Sepoy John Samyor were forcibly taken into custody by Bomdila Police and taken to Bomdila Police Station on alleged charges of intoxication.
    On being informed, the unit adjutant (a gazetted rank officer) reached the police station and requested the police to hand over the two jawans to Army custody. This is as per the law. An Army jawan being arrested by the police has to be immediately informed by the police to the jawan’s unit or nearest Army unit and handed over to Army authorities. The Army authorities
    are responsible for keeping him safe and producing the jawan for all subsequent police investigation and judicial proceedings.

    In this case however, the Officer in-charge of the police station Mr Ashok Tayeng not only refused to hand over the jawans to Army (an illegal act on the part of the police) but later when the jawans were released on the intervention of the additional SP, it was found that the jawans had been beaten up by the police which is also illegal. The police has no authority to manhandle any arrested person – least of all an Army jawan.

    The next day the commanding officer of the unit – Colonel Firdosh Subash personally went to the police station to meet Mr Tayeng and to complain about the manhandling of the jawans by police. A Colonel is a Group A gazetted officer who is many ranks senior to a police inspector. However instead of showing the basic decency of respect, Mr Tayeng behaved very rudely with the Colonel. Being a mature officer, Colonel Dubash met the additional SP Mr Gotangu Dajangju and complained to him. However, the SP Mr Raja Bhantia was not in office and so no decision was given by the addl SP. Later around 12.30 p.m. the Addl SP called Colonel Dubash to the PS and later while the Colonel was discussing the matter with the SP in his office, CRPF and IRBN were deployed by the police and a scuffle took place between the CO’s protection troops and the police/CRPF/IRBN. It is even said that the police/CRPF/IRBN even fired some shots.

    Thus to begin with, the police did illegal acts by refusing to hand over the jawans to Army and by manhandling them and thereafter deployment of CRPF/IRBN and firing shots on an Army colonel’s protection troops. The charge on the jawans was only of intoxication which is a petty charge but the police were behaving as if the jawans were hard-core criminals and as if the Colonel was a terrorist.
    It is shocking to see this one sided and biased report on your website.

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