Arunachal: RGU conducts One-Day Principals’ Conclave

ITANAGAR- Rajiv Gandhi University ( RGU ) organized a one-day Principals’ Conclave on the topic “Implementation of NEP 2020 at UG Level and Other Related Matters of Academic, Examinations, Affiliations, NAAC Assessment, Autonomy of Institute, etc.” on the 26thof April 2022 in the University Convention Hall which registered the participation of principals and delegates from colleges across Arunachal Pradesh.

Taba Tedir, the Minister of Education, Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh, graced the Inaugural Session as the Chief Guest.  The Inaugural Session was marked by the distinguished presence and participation of Prof. Saket Kushwaha, Vice-Chancellor of Rajiv Gandhi University; Prof. Amitava Mitra, Pro Vice-Chancellor, RGU; Prof. H. S. Yadav, Director, NERIST, Nirjuli; Ms. Padmini Singla, Commissioner, Education, Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh; Dr. N. T. Rikam, Registrar, RGU; Mr. Alik Jongkey, Director (Higher & Technical Education), Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh; and Prof. S. K. Nayak, Director, CDC, RGU & Chairman, PC-2022.

Dr. N. T Rikam, Registrar, RGU welcomed all the Guests and Delegates to the Conclave and highlighted that the conclave would serve as an essential platform for discussion on various issues related to the implementation of NEP 2020 and adopting CUET for admissions at the Under-Graduate Level in Arunachal Pradesh. Mr. Alik Jongkey, Director (Higher & Technical Education), deliberated upon the relevance of the Conclave in implementing the objectives of the NEP 2020 in Arunachal Pradesh so that transformation in the education scenario of the State can be brought about in a productive manner.

Prof. H. S. Yadav, Director, NERIST, Nirjuli, emphasized that the implementation of NEP and CUET is indeed a big challenge, and it will require cooperation from all sections of the society, including the administrators and the bureaucrats. Ms. Padmini Singla, Commissioner, Education, urged upon the participations to find out ways and means for the successful implementation of NEP 2020 and CUET. She emphasized the need to create awareness regarding CUET across the length and breadth of the State, particularly in far-flung areas of Arunachal Pradesh. Prof. Amitava Mitra, Hon’ble Pro Vice-Chancellor, RGU, expressed great hope that the maiden Principals’ Conclave will help to prepare a roadmap for the implementation of NEP-2020 and other relevant academic matters.

Taba Tedir,  Minister of Education, expressed great happiness on being present during such a historic moment in the course of the State’s educational development. He said that the outcome of the threadbare discussions and deliberation of the Conclave would go a long way in shaping a dynamic academic ecosystem as per NEP-2020.

Prof. Saket Kushwaha, Vice-Chancellor of RGU said that it was a proud moment for him to host this program at Rajiv Gandhi University. He expressed his concerns regarding proper implementation of NEP 2020 as the non-implementation of its provision will be detrimental to the students in the long run.


The First Technical Session was chaired by Prof. H. S. Yadav, Director, NERIST. Dr. Kaushalendra Pratap Singh and Prof. Santanu K. Patnayak. Nodal Officer, RGE, and CUET were the Resource Persons for the session.

Dr. Kaushalendra Pratap Singh made a presentation on the topic “NEP-2020: Areas of Implementation”, highlighting the implications of the NEP 2020 on Higher Education. He made a comprehensive presentation on the different recommendations and provisions of NEP 2020, including the Multiple Entry and Multiple Exit System and the Four-Year Under Graduate Programme.

Prof. Santanu K. Patnayak made a presentation on “Common University Entrance Test/ CUET 2022” stressing that CUET is conceptualised under NEP 2020 to have a standard and uniform procedure of intake into higher learning institutions.

The Second Technical Session was chaired by Prof. A. Mitra, Pro Vice Chancellor, RGU. There were three Resource Persons viz., Prof. R. K. Singh, Prof. S. K. Jena & Dr. David Pertin.

Dr. Pertin spoke at length on the development of Rajiv Gandhi University in various aspects over a period of time and the present role of the University as an affiliating University. This Session was also dedicated towards a better understanding of the existing and upcoming Credit-system distribution system. Prof. S.K. Jena and Prof. R. K. Singh deliberated upon this aspect for all the three Streams of learning.

The Third Technical Session was Chaired by Dr. N. T. Rikam, Registrar, RGU. The Resource Persons during this Session were Dr. B. Raji, Controller of Examinations, RGU and Dr. N.T. Jose, Jt. Registrar (Exam.). Dr. Raji and Dr. Jose discussed at length on the different aspects of the examination system of the University and urged upon the delegates to maintain the good tradition of conducting examinations and declaring the results in time.

During the QA session and Open Discussion, the Principals and other delegates participated enthusiastically by raising and responding to different issues related to the discussions during the three Technical Sessions and other academic and examination related matters. Responses to the queries were answered by the Resource Persons and other officials and teachers present during the brainstorming.

The Valedictory Session was Chaired by the Hon’ble. Vice Chancellor of RGU, Prof. Saket Kushwaha. During this session the report from the Rapporteurs’ Diary was read and certificates were distributed to the participants. The Vote of Thanks for the Valedictory Session was offered by Dr. David Pertin, Member Secretary, PC-2022.


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