Arunachal: NSS Unit of JNC Pasighat and ABK East Siang jointly carries out flood control work in Siang river bank at Seram village

Pasighat                                       By Maksang Tayeng

The volunteers of NSS Unit of Jawaharlal Nehru College, Pasighat, in association with Adi Baane Kebang ( ABK ) East Siang District Unit carried out a mass social service program of flood control works at Seram village in the bank of River Siang under the active supervision of SEEANG committee which has been working on organizing several voluntary flood control works from around two years now.


During the two days  flood control work on Saturday and Sunday,  sand filled gunny bags were erected as spar with the binding of binding wire which is likely to divert or to minimize soil erosion during the time of  flood.

It is worth mentioning here that the series of floods in the river Siang from the last two years have caused massive soil erosion due to which the old Seram village was washed away including massive soil erosion in all the left bank side of Siang river villages that are settling along the bank of river Siang.

The Mebo Dhola Road which is the lifeline of Lower Mebo villages here in East Siang District that connects lower part of Lower Dibang Valley district and also to the part of Assam like Dhola and Tinsukia, is also nearly to be washed away as river Siang has reached closely to the road which is barely 5 metres away at Seram village side which needed to be protected from erosion.

However, a major flood control work is also undergoing at the north of Sigar village being funded by government from where Siang river current tilts toward left bank side in Lower Mebo villages which has already stopped flowing in of Siang river toward left bank side.

At the sideline of social service flood control works, the student volunteers of JN College, Pasighat NSS unit said that, it was a good experience from their side too to work for people of flood affected villages like Seram and other flood affected villages in downstream areas. One of the student said that, they became good wiring binder of flood control spar as they had to bind wire over the sand filled gunny bags which were put together as spar to divert flood during monsoon flood.

NSS Programme Officers cum Assistant Professors of JN College Pasighat, Dr. Temin Payum, Ms. Ing Perme and Dr. Kento Kadu including Kalen Komut ABK East Siang Unit and Smti Jimmy Dai Doming, ABK WW representative all spoke on the occasion and jointly felt for the timely requirement of constructions of more flood control works. Dr. Payum and Ing Perme shared their exclusive views and concerns to save the villages in the Lower Mebo areas threaten by Siang river flood annually.


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